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Kynes Korner: Season Predictions

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Andrew Kynes


David Hale is hands down the best twitter follow for anyone looking for decently unbiased ACC football content 52 weeks out of the year. He recently posted an interesting thread that caught my attention. While I’m here I figured I’d give an answer to his question.

Breakout Player: Joe Griffin

I think this is probably a pretty obvious one. The Morehead to Griffin connection that blossomed at the end of last year felt special. Griffin made strides all year. Culminating in the spectacular game-winning TD against a ranked NCST team. With O’Keefe & Williams demanding so much attention with their speed, Griffin is the perfect red zone target for Morehead. I don’t think we will have a true #1 WR this year, but I think Griffin is in for a monster year.

Sleeper: Alex Broome

Since becoming a fan in 2019 every BC running back has been a bruising, between the tackles back. Although Dillon, Bailey, & Garwo are valuable assets I felt that we were always missing a true burner in the backfield. Levy provided some change of pace, but Broome is a track star. I’m excited to watch him come in on third down and maybe even break off a few chunk plays on the outside.

Deep Sleeper: Cam Horsely

Outside of Donovan Ezeirruaku, we are in desperate need for some D-Line help. At 6’3 315 Horsley needs to demand some attention inside if the edge guys are going to get any type of consistent pressure. More importantly, he must lead the charge for the run defense. DT and MLB are probably the two most important positions on BC’s roster this season.

Impact Freshman (Transfer): Ryan O’Keefe

The UCF transfer is an absolute beast. I got the chance to watch him play live in the 2021 Gasparilla Bowl (don’t ask me how that game went) and he was unbelievable. Dynamic receiver and effective out of the backfield, O’Keefe is going to be all over the field this year. If he stays healthy I truly believe that he has the chance to be an All-ACC guy.

Record Prediction: 9-3

Wins: NIU, HC, Army, UVA, VT, ‘Cuse, GT, UConn, Pitt

Losses: FSU, UofL, Miami

Bowl Game: Sun Bowl. Sickos Road trip to El Paso.


Andrew Kynes, Contributor, to Eagles Daily and BC Class of 2023. He may be reached at & @AndrewJKynes
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