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Boston College is winning right now, literally and figuratively

Updated: Nov 3

Just under two months ago, Boston College was in an objectively embarrassing state. They lost to Northern Illinois in Week 1 in football before nearly falling to FCS opponent Holy Cross in the following week -- the only thing being chanted at Alumni Stadium was "Fire Hafley" and the replies on our accounts' tweets containing literally anything related to Jeff Hafley were unbearable to read.

Fast forward to the beginning of November, and the enthusiasm around the program is unmatched. BC Twitter (X) has the greatest energy it's seen since basketball's ACC tournament run in 2021, and everyone's feed is just filled with "#ThePath," which is in reference to BC's unlikely but very possible path to the ACC Championship game through a number of scenarios. The most important is BC winning out, but that's along with a few other scenarios needed from different teams in the conference. BC Interruption wrote an incredibly in-depth piece on it here.

Oh, and did I mention Thomas Castellanos is embracing the slogan, too?

Realistically, BC could also easily be 7-1 instead of 5-3. They were oh-so-close against highly-ranked Florida State in the Red Bandana Game on top of a bad loss but should-have-won game against Northern Illinois in Week 1. They were rightfully dominated at Louisville, but even then they put up a very respectable second-half performance after being blown out of the water in the first half.

The 21-14 final score against 1-7 UConn also looks too close for comfort, but diving deeper into things the Eagles dominated in every statistic of the game. They outplayed a strong Georgia Tech team on the road and have a should-win game tonight at Syracuse to continue the season.

And, let's not forget about Castellanos' quote of the year that he dropped after beating the Yellow Jackets on the road the other week.

“We’re turning this thing around. Boston is back. Boston College football is back. We’re no longer the laughingstock of college football or the ACC. We’re back, and we’re rolling.”

Castellanos has become incredibly likable off the field, but the exhilaration just watching him might top prime 2020 Phil Jurkovec; even Zay Flowers for that matter. BC could not have a better current face of the program.

Just about everyone expected Emmett Morehead to be the starter this season -- Hafley dropped hints here and there about Castellanos playing ahead of Week 1 but the majority of folks were convinced it wasn't anything to really debate. In comes this new transfer Castellanos on the third drive of the game against NIU and opinions quickly began to change; there was banter ahead of Week 2 against Holy Cross about who would start but most predicted TC and they were right. Castellanos took the job and ran with it -- literally and figuratively.

And, we haven't even gotten to BC hockey yet -- the now No. 1 team in the country. It's remarkable that BC football has grabbed most of the attention at the moment despite hockey being so successful, but the hockey support has been unreal. The student section(s) has been absolutely packed for every weekend game, with every student there an hour early, dressed in-theme and as loud as ever. They picked up a huge sweep last weekend against Michigan State and look to continue their path against Umass-Lowell tonight and tomorrow.

The picture sums it up -- and that was against a bottom-feeding Long Island team; imagine when BU or Northeastern comes to town.

All in all, it's another huge weekend for BC. The Path continues and conference play starts for hockey. We'll have live coverage of both everything this weekend as we're just as excited as you all are.

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